Mars is One of The Best Places to Build a Space Base

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With the gradual improvement of human science and technology, exploring space and building a space base is the goal that mankind will achieve in the future. And that should start with exploring the planets of our solar system. In addition to the moon, Mars is one of the best planets to buildg a space base on.

First of all, Mars as an earth-like planet, unlike those gaseous planets that cannot land, it has solid land for spacecraft to land and for people to build a base. People can even use the soil and rocks on Mars to build bases.

Secondly, the orbit of Mars lies in the habitable zone of the solar system, which means that the temperature difference between day and night and the sunshine intensity on Mars are all close to the Earth, which makes it possible for people to live here for a long time.

Finally, Mars has an atmosphere, though it isn't as thick and the oxygen isn't as rich as the atmosphere of Earth. But because of its existence, spacecraft can directly use a parachute to reduce speed and landing safely. And in the future, human technology may be powerful enough to change the composition of Mars's atmosphere so that it can be breathed directly by us.

Because of these factors, I think Mars is one of the best places to build a space base and look forward to the early arrival of this day.

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