A Trip to Satellite City

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If you always stay at home, you'll get bored sooner or later. This situation is happened to me. So today, I asked my parents should we go out and have a trip. To my surprise, they agree with me immediately. After a moment, We decided to visit the satellite city.


After an hour drive, we were arrived a town which is called Longlou. I stood at parking lot and look ahead, two tall building has covered by coconut leaves in the distance. I came to know there is the there is the Wenchang Satellite launch Center by mobile phone map. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our ID card! Visiting WSLC needs an ID card for security.


So we had only to visit the Science Museum beside. But today there's too much sun here. I don't know whether the designer of museum consider the weather in Hainan. The roadside tree actually had no leaves! But on this trip, I saw what I want after all. That's the real thing from space. In fact, I saw the real spacesuit which is has been used, the real rocket although a part of it.


The most unforgettable thing is that my father saw that spacesuit. There were two spacesuits has been put into a glass display case. But one of them is looked like more heavy and fat than the another one. I was shocked at my father said that one is male, one is female! Now I know that heavy one is for astronauts to walk or repair spaceship in space which is called EVA suit. The light one is used inoto the spaceship. Because the spaceship have oxygem and other thing to support life. But space don't have. So EVA suit should carry so much thing that makes it's look heavy. Femele astronaut can also use them.


Although I hadn't to come to see the Lauching tower, today is still had a lot of harvest. It's not a pity, I'll visit the WSLC next time!

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